Originally opened in 1978, Point Pleasant Child Care Centre (PPCCC) has grown from a small facility of thirty-five (35) children, to an operation that includes three (3) sites and a capacity of over 100 children.

In 1985, PPCCC expanded its original operation to include a small facility located in St. Patrick’s High School. This programme was designed to provide childcare services for adolescent parents at risk of leaving school after the birth of a child. This innovative program operated at the high school site until its closure in 2002 due to operational pressures and declining student enrollment.

September 1989 marked the year that Saint Mary’s University and Point Pleasant Child Care Centre cooperated to open the Rice Residence campus facility. Located in a former bank, extensive renovations were required to transform the space to house small children.

Our Infant Centre, located in the link building off Gorsebrook Avenue, opened in October 2006. This is another collaborative venture by the childcare centre and Saint Mary’s University with the assistance of the Department of Community Services. This facility caters to twenty-three (23) children ranging in age from six months to three years.